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Bella and Evan Superhero.jpeg

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year 2018

We entered this competition in honor of Bella and Evan, two local 6 year old children, who put on their favorite Superhero costumes alongside us and celebrated life as the Superheroes that they are day in and day out.

Because of children, like Bella and Evan, we called our Superheroes to support this national campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, to compete against other national candidates to raise the most funds. LetsBeSuperheroes raised over $130,000 dollars towards our National campaign! Between all of the candidates (including LetsBeSuperheroes)- the total raised locally was over half a million dollars.

Each year, as part of our Visions of Strength Event, we honor local patients living with cancer or cancer survivors and their stories. They are the “Why” behind our annual event and this opportunity allows them to share their inspiring stories, which truly are Visions of Strength. We spend a night in June with them and their loved ones hearing their incredible stories as well as honoring them at our annual Visions of Strength event in October. The light they bring to why we do what we do is something we cherish all year long.