Superhero Dads

Today’s Superhero Mission: Whether you know a new kid on the block, who just became a Father this year or a old timer who’s been at it for years, reach out and thank them for what you’ve witnessed them do. Father’s Day is a perfect time to tell them what makes you proud. #TellThemNow

Happy Father’s Day to all the guys in our lives.

Superhero Yoga

Today’s Mission: Spend 10 minutes in the following Superhero Yoga poses taking slow steady breaths and focusing your thoughts on the corresponding character traits because after all Superhero you are brave and strong and peaceful and kind. You are a superhero! #SuperheroYoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Practicing yoga is said to come with many benefits for both mental and physical health. The following have evidence-based benefits:

1. Shown to decrease stress.

2. Shown to relieve anxiety.

3. May reduce inflammation.

4. May improve heart health.

5. Can improve quality of life. 

6. May fight depression. 

7. Could reduce chronic pain. 

8. Could improve sleep quality.

9. Improves flexibility and balance. 

10. Can improve breathing. 

11. May relieve migraines. 

12. Improves healthy eating habits

13. Can Increase strength.

If you tag us with #SuperheroYoga in any of the Superhero Yoga poses above - you will be entered to win today’s prize. #letsbesuperheroes @letsbesuperheroes

If you tag us with #SuperheroYoga in any of the Superhero Yoga poses above - you will be entered to win today’s prize. #letsbesuperheroes @letsbesuperheroes

Wellness Weekend

The week gets busy. We get it. But making time for Wellness is absolutely essential to living your best life. #WellnessWeekend is our Weekend Mission: Spend at least a little of your weekend doing something for your Wellness (which looks incredible weather wise for us in Upstate NY!) You pick your favorite Wellness practice (we can play favorites here) or go with a new one like what we suggest weekly. Whatever it be- get your #WellnessWeekend on and tag us on Social Media @letsbesuperheroes and #SuperheroWellnessWeekend because even Superheroes need Wellness.


Put love out in the world!

There's no better time to put love out into the world than right now.

Whether it be a hug to an old friend or telling your Grandma you love her - Today’s Superhero Mission: Send one random act of love out into the World. Ready, Set, Go, Superhero!

If you want to share what you did - Use #SuperheroLove on social media. We’d love to hear what love is out there.