Superhero Challenge

Just 3 days ago, Let’s Be Superheroes sent out our first call for people to join us in kicking off our fundraising campaign for this year’s Visions of Strength event. And so many of you showed up and responded, some even personally stepping up with an AMAZING YES to becoming a Superhero Sponsor for this year’s event.

That support excited and encouraged us, it made us even more hopeful for what this year can hold! We have only a couple days left to fill some of our last Superhero Sponsor seats and we are have opened up the chance to support our event with Honorary Levels of Honorary Wine Connoisseur with a $700 donation, Honorary Sommelier with a $350 donation and Honorary Guest with a $135 donation.

We want to DREAM BIGGER than ever before-

So let’s see what you got!

Superhero Challenge:

Do one of the below right now-

  1. Forward this link to a Superhero friend!

  2. Find us on social media @LetsBeSuperheroes and share today’s post!

  3. Click on Events and Swag at the top to head to our website and make a donation today!



Superhero Sponsorship

We are kicking off our 2019 fundraising campaign for our annual event, Visions of Strength, with Superhero Sponsorships. These Sponsorships make the hugest impact on our fundraising goal and have awesome perks for those who step up and get involved with us. If you or someone you know has the ability to make a Superhero Sponsorship, click the picture above for more information or forward link and spread the word.

We know that we are going to touch so many lives of individuals, right here in the Capital District, who are facing a cancer diagnosis, with strength, positivity, courage and support this year.

Superheroes- Your help makes the dream possible so let’s do this team!

Treat Yourself

As the old saying goes – if you don’t love yourself, who else will? It’s the little pleasures that get us through the everyday grind. Why wait for your next day off or vacation? Remind yourself that you deserve to lead a happy life and enjoy yourself on a regular basis with these easy ways to treat yourself. Doing little things that make you happy and showing yourself a little love from time to time is key to mental health. Go on #SuperheroesTreatYourself and tell us your favorite way.

  1. Treat yourself a healthy snack or drink and enjoy nurturing yourself.

  2. Treat yourself a manicure or pedicure.

  3. Treat yourself to a nap, even just 30 minutes can be so refreshing!

  4. Make a plan for the weekend, giving yourself something to look forward to is a treat!

  5. Treat yourself to a TV show or movie recommendation from a friend complete with popcorn.

  6. Treat yourself to a bar of your favorite chocolate and savour it.

  7. Treat yourself to a new accessory, you deserve it!

  8. Set a timer and tidy up your workspace for ten minutes- Organization can feel like a treat!

  9. Treat yourself to a walk outside.

  10. Treat yourself to a new book.

  11. Make yourself an uplifting playlist containing all your favorite songs and treat yourself to your own dance party.

  12. Treat yourself to some new bedlinen, or even just change your sheets. It will make you feel nice and relaxed at bedtime.

  13. Do something nice for someone else. Why does this work? When we carry out random acts of kindness, we can enjoy the internal satisfaction. Everyone benefits!



We love your Badassery

Today’s SuperherocMission: Let’s call out our Superheroes - those who maybe stand loud and proud ready to make a difference or those who may be quiet in the shadows but show up and stay until the job is done. We want to make sure all the Superheroes around us- know that we not only appreciate them and all that they do to make this world a better place but we acknowledge the difference they make in life just by being them. 

Let’s use #LetsBeSuperheroes on social media and tag our personal superheroes. 


Tag real life Superheroes who use their “badassery” to make this world a better place.

Wellness Weekend

The week gets busy. We get it. But making time for Wellness is absolutely essential to living your best life. #WellnessWeekend is our Weekend Mission: Spend at least a little of your weekend doing something for your Wellness. You pick your favorite Wellness practice (we can play favorites here) or go with a new one like what we suggest weekly. Whatever it be- get your #WellnessWeekend on and tag us on Social Media @letsbesuperheroes and #SuperheroWellnessWeekend because even Superheroes need Wellness.



Today’s Superhero Mission: Be the reason someone smiles today. You really don’t know all the things on someone’s plate that they are juggling behind the scenes, carrying on their back or praying for at night. The person standing next to you at the grocery market could have so much on their mind, they might have forgotten they are even at the grocery store. But you, Superhero, YOU can be the reason that they smile. And a smile can change everything. #SuperheroSmile - Get your smile on!

Top 3 Benefits of Smiling backed by science:

1. Neurotransmitters called endorphins are released when you smile.

These are triggered by the movements of the muscles in your face, which is interpreted by your brain, in turn releasing these chemicals. Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy while simultaneously helping to lower stress levels. The more we stimulate our brain to release endorphins, the more often we feel happier and relaxed.

2. Endorphins make us feel better when we are hurt.

By acting as the body’s natural pain killers, even for sufferers of chronic pain, laughing and smiling can be very effective in pain management, as can laughing off the pain when you bump an elbow or stub your toe as well as countless benefits for mental health and perceptions.

3. Laughing expands the lungs, stretches the muscles in the body and stimulates homeostasis.

This exercises the body, replenishing the cells from a lung full of oxygen and gaining all the benefits of exercising the body. Now this is an exercise I can commit to!


Tag us with #SuperheroSmile #letsbesuperheroes @letsbesuperheroes


What is a tough person?

  • As defined by Collins dictionary, a tough person is strong and determined, and can tolerate difficulty or suffering.

  • As defined by Urban dictionary, Tough is mentally strong. Adjectives: excellent, first-rate; used as a positive description of someone or something; synonyms include cool, hot, tight, bitchin’, sweet, awesome, pissa, hip, rad, etc. Tough is a word that few people truly understand. Tough=grit. Tough people are never taken down by challenges. Suffering, for tough people, is endurable. The goal, however, is the objective.

15 Habits of Mentally Tough people

  1. They’re Emotionally Intelligent: You cannot be Mentally Tough without the ability to fully understand and tolerate strong negative emotions and do something productive with them.

  2. They’re Confident: Mentally Tough people have an upper hand because their confidence inspires others and helps them to make things happen.

  3. They Neutralize Toxic people: Mentally Tough people keep their emotions in check when dealing with a toxic person, and don’t allow their anger or frustration to fuel the chaos.

  4. They Embrace Change: Mentally Tough people embrace change with an open mind and open arms so they can recognize and capitalize on the opportunities that change creates.

  5. They Say No: Research from the University of California shows that the more difficulty you have in saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout and even depression. Mentally Tough people know that saying no is healthy, and they have the self-esteem and foresight to make their no clear.

  6. They Know Fear is the #1 source of Regret: Mentally Tough people know they must get outside their comfort zone sometimes and can’t be afraid to take risks. The key to balance lies in your ability to transform failures into nuggets of improvement. This creates the tendency to get right back up every time you fall down.

  7. They Embrace Failure: Mentally Tough people embrace failure because they know that the road to success is paved with it. No one ever experienced true success without first embracing failure.

  8. They don’t Dwell on Mistakes: Mentally Tough people know that where you focus your attention determines your emotional state. Distancing yourself from mistakes without forgetting them is the key to adapt and adjust for future success.

  9. They won’t let anyone Limit their Joy: When Mentally Tough people feel good about something they do, they won’t let anyone’s opinions or accomplishments take away from that.

  10. They won’t Limit the Joy of Others: When you celebrate the success of other people, you both benefit.

  11. They Exercise: Exercise results in immediate, endorphin-fueled positivity and is also responsible for a measured uptick in confidence, key to being Mentally Tough.

  12. They get Enough Sleep: Mentally Tough people know that their self-control, focus, and memory are all reduced with they don’t get enough, or the right kind, of sleep, so they make quality sleep a priority.

  13. They Limit their Intake: Mentally Tough people know that too much of a good thing is trouble, and they don’t let it get the better of them.

  14. They don’t wait for an Apology to Forgive: When you forgive someone, it doesn’t condone their actions; it simply frees you. Mentally Tough people know that grudges let negative events from your past ruin today’s happiness.

  15. They’re Relentlessly Positive: Mentally Tough people don’t worry about things they can’t control, instead they focus their energy on directing the two things that are completely within their power- their attention and their effort.

Special Shoutout to Dr. Travis Bradberry, Ph. D and award-winning coauthor (obviously a fellow Superhero!)


Superhero Dads

Today’s Superhero Mission: Whether you know a new kid on the block, who just became a Father this year or a old timer who’s been at it for years, reach out and thank them for what you’ve witnessed them do. Father’s Day is a perfect time to tell them what makes you proud. #TellThemNow

Happy Father’s Day to all the guys in our lives.